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DPA2250 przd DPA2250 ty

The new Class D digital power amplifier D-AMP-500 with 500 W power and D-AMP 8x60 with 8x60 W power impress by their high efficiency in a very compact design (2U). The digital technology allows for energy savings of about 42% at full output compared to analog power amplifiers!

The Class D amplifiers with optimized output filter offer load-independent frequency response and are equipped with a floating transformer output with taps for 100 Volt, 70 Volt and 4 ohms. A stable output voltage with very low level difference between idle and full load (<1dB), short- and open circuit-proof and low harmonic distortion (<0.5%) are other features of these highly efficient amplifiers. The electronically balanced input has a sensivity of 0 dBu = 0.775 V. Both digital amplifiers can be operated from 19 to 30V DC via battery.

The D-AMP Series is especially designed for 20 kHz monitored public address systems by very low intermodulation between audio and the 20 kHz test signal and well filtering of switching frequencies.

  • Output stage in Class D
  • Emergency 24V power option
  • Limiter
  • Subsonic filter
  • Variable speed forced cooling.
DPA Series
Technical Data
Model DPA 500 DPA 2250 DPA 4125 DPA 860
Type Class D
Mains power voltage 230V AC 50-60Hz ±15%
Battery voltage 24V DC ±15%
Rated output power 500Watts 250Watts per channel 125Watts per channel 62,5Watts per channel
Outputs 4 Ohms, 50V, 70V, 100V
Maximum capacitive load at 100V 250nF 120nF 60nF 30nF
Input sensitivity 0,775V in 39kOhms balanced
Input common mode rejection ratio 60dB at 50 - 1000Hz
Frequency response 70Hz...21kHz -3dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 0,5% at 90V and 1kHz
Input headroom >20dB
Signal to noise ratio, unweighted RMS >90dB
AC power consumption, rated power, rated load 650W
AC power consumption, idle 16W 18W 21W 26W
24V/DC current consumption, idle 0,33A 0,56A 0,92A 1,21A
Dimension (HxWxD) 88 x 483 x 330mm 88 x 483 x 415mm
Weight 11,2kg 12,2kg 14,5kg 19kg
Colour Black
Mounting options 19 inch rack mountable
Possible configuration
DPA500 44,72V 500W / 4Ω
50V 500W / 5Ω
70V 500W / 9,8Ω
100V 500W / 20Ω
DPA2250 2x31,62V 250W / 4Ω
2x50V 250W / 10Ω
2x70V 250W / 19,6Ω
2x100V 250W / 40Ω
DPA4125 4x22,36V 125W / 4Ω
4x50V 125W / 20Ω
4x70V 125W / 39,2Ω
4x100V 125W / 80Ω
DPA860 8x15,81V 62,5W / 4Ω
8x50V 62,5W / 40Ω
8x70V 62,5W / 78,4Ω
8x100V 62,5W / 160Ω
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