Switch mode power supply.

A new system for supplying power to output stage sections was applied, based upon a very efficient SMPS power supply. As a result the weight of the product was substantially lowered. The application of the magnetic resonance phenomenon made it possible to obtain sinusoid voltage at the secondary side of the power supply, just as it is in the case of traditional toroidal transformer which enabled minimization of distortions generated to the environment and circuits supplying power to the amplifier. High timing frequency of the converter outside the acoustic band has a neutral influence on the quality of the sound. The HXi output stage combines the advantages of analogue and impulse technology that are provided by the H class. Analogue technology ensures high quality whereas work with switch mode power supply increases power efficiency. If there is a need for a lager power, the voltage of power supply stage is switched. It is done so thanks to the circuit with a key and multiple power supply lines. Switching the power supply voltage takes place whitin a time much shorter than the period of acoustic wave of the highest frequency (20kHz). Only the fastest bipolar transistors and an exceptional circuit are capable of handling such a quick change of power supply voltage whithout an impact exerted on the exit oscillations. It is worth noticing that the power supply voltge is increased to the acoustic signal only in this channel and only when it is necessary. So designed amplifier provides the increase of power efficiency and reliability. Thanks to H class a safe work of output stage transistors is possible at high power supply voltages (e.g. 270V for HXi3000) whitout the risk of secondary breakdown. The largest HXi series amplifier possess 6 power supply voltages switched by 4 keys for each channel. High reliability of the amplifier results from many years of expirience of the company. Work conditions of all components are calculated according to norms and producers' recommendations. Reliability is increased by through-broach asembly. Durability is also incrreased by a fan, which stands idle when the full outpu of the amplifier is not used. Such a solution also decreased the amount of intake dust pumped in by the fan. A five years' long producer guarantee testifies to high reliability of the amplifier. HXi amplifiers possess intelligent overload protections that protect against both short circuit and overload. The protection controls the radiator temperature with the 1st degree accuracy. HXi series possess effective protection against DC signal at the output of the amplifier. The amplifier is also protected against damage caused by pluggig to the 400V AC inter-phase voltage. HXi amplifiers possess deliberately inverted cycle of assuming the load from the power supply capacitors in one channel towards the other one. Thanks to that the amplifiers works both in the stereo mode, parallel mode and in the bridge mode in such as way, as it was all the time in the bridge configuration. This results in doubled efficiency of power supply capacitors (compared to the traditional solution) in case of signals below 100Hz. The amplifier is manufactured according to the EU norm ROHS and possess the CE compilance certificate.

  • Low weight thanks to the application of the switch mode power supply.
  • H and 2H class.
  • Crossover 75Hz-1200Hz
  • Automatic Clip limiter.
  • Independent protection systems for each channel: thermal, DC, overload, against saturation, ultrasonic.
  • Variable forced cooling system.
  • Silent load coupling.
  • Soft start.
  • Double input sockets type XLR & Jack.
  • Reliable output cockets type SPEAKON.
  • Bipolar transistors.
  • Anti-dust filter.
  • 60 months guarantee.
HXi Series
Technical Data
Model HXi 3000 HXi 2500 HXi 2000
Frequency response 20Hz(-1dB) - 20kHz(-0,5dB)
RMS Output Power
1kHz @ 1%THD
1kHz @ 1%THD Bridge
1x8Ω 2700W 2300W 1800W
Distortion (THD) 1kHz,
80% rated power
< 0,03%
Distortion 20Hz - 20kHz
80% rated power
< 0,05%
Damping factor 10-100Hz 8Ω 400
S/N A - weighted > 100dB
Voltage gain 58,4 52,9 44,8
Output stage Class 2H Class H
Input sensitivity (V RMS)
4Ω +4dB (1,23V)
Input impedance
Indicators (LED) Ready, Protect, Signal, Clip, Power Supply Protect
Controls Ch A & Ch B volume
Cooling Continously variable speed fan, front to back air flow
Protections Short circuit, open circuit, overload DC output power, ultrasonic, limiter, softstart
Power supply 230V AC, 50Hz +10/-15%
No-load current 0,3A
Supply current at 1/8 output power,
pink noise, 2x4Ω
5A 4,5A 3A
Supply current at 1/3 output power,
pink noise, 2x4Ω
10A 8,5A 7A
Max. amplitude 130V 121V 106V
input/output XLR & Jack
Neutrik speakon
Slew rate (with input filter & protection circuit) 40V/µs
Dimiensions (WxHxD) 483x88x416 mm
Weight 11,9kg 11,8kg 11kg
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